Myself Fooling Me – E.P.

Chris Mullin – Myself Fooling Me 

6 Track E.P. Released 18-03-2017

  1. Hard Times
  2. Lost At Sea
  3. Colour Of Pain
  4. No More 
  5. Who Took The Beat?
  6. Myself Fooling Me

Coming Soon…

“Mellow, melodic, dynamic, emotional, easy listening songs that are a far step way from his normal comfort zone, the contrast from the in your face indie rock to the subtle tones of this solo E.P will leave you pleasantly surprised.”

The title track ‘Myself Fooling Me’ was written over 20 years ago and brought back to life more recently after Chris had a one on one jamming session with Paul McCartney a few years back. Chris & Paul played the song together a few times over and Macca contributed the mid 8 section to the song and also suggested the title Myself Fooling Me (which was originally ‘Fooling Myself’). Paul loved the song himself and during the session he also said  John (Lennon) would of loved that, the lyrics are great”, what a compliment!

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