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昨年行われたHurricane#1の来日公演にベーシストとして参加していたChris Mullin、その堅実なプレイとフランクな人柄に心を奪われた方も多いかと思います(私もその1人)。H#1以外にもThe Sums(元SmallerPeter “Digsy” Deary率いるバンド。Noel Gallagherとは長年の親友で、Oasisの’Digsy’s Dinner’は彼のことを書いた曲)というバンドでも活動している彼が、キャリア初となるソロ音源 “Myself Fooling Me”をリリースしました。
macca_mullinベーシストのソロというよりも、1人のシンガー/ソングライターの作品という印象で、アコースティック・ギターやピアノを軸に中期以降のビートルズを彷彿とさせる展開や味付けがサラリ、実にリバプール出身の彼らしい楽曲が並んでいます。なかでもタイトル・トラックの’Myself Fooling Me’、この曲にまつわるエピソードがすごい!この曲の名付け親がなんと…..Paul McCartney!20年以上前に書いた曲で、元々は ‘Fooling Myself’ というタイトルだったそうなんですが、数年前にPaulとセッションをする機会(!)があり、そこでこの曲を披露したところPaulが気に入り、何度か一緒に演奏することになったそうです。そこで、曲中のアイデアやタイトルの提案、そして、
John (Lennon) would of loved that, the lyrics are great(ジョンもきっと気に入るよ!特に歌詞が素晴らしい!)”


01. Hard Times
02. Lost At Sea
03. Colour Of Pain
04. No More
05. Who Took The Beat?
 TRANSLATION (may not be 100% accurate, taken from Google Translate)

“Chris Mullin who participated as a bassist in the performance of Hurricane #1 that was held in Japan last year, I think many people are deprived of their solid play and frank personality (one of them also). In addition to H # 1 besides The Sums (a band led by former Smaller’s Peter “Digsy” Deary, a longtime best friend with Noel Gallagher, Oasis’s ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ wrote about him) He has released a career first solo sound source “Myself Fooling Me”.

Rather than being a bassist’s solo, with the impression of a singer / songwriter’s work, the development and seasoning that reminiscent of the Beatles in the medium term and beyond acoustic guitar and piano is Sararay, a song that is like him who is actually from Liverpool In line. Among them, the title track ‘Myself Fooling Me’, the episode related to this song is amazing! What is the goddess of this song … .. Paul McCartney! Originally it was titled ‘Fooling Myself’ which was written over 20 years ago, but there is an opportunity (!) To have a session with Paul a couple of years ago, when I showed this song Paul liked it , It seems that it was decided to play together a couple of times. Therefore, ideas and suggestions of titles in the song, “John (Lennon) would of loved that, the lyrics are great (John will definitely like it, especially the lyrics are wonderful!)”

I heard that you got a message saying. In other words, Paul’s seal! That’s why. As long as enviable.

There are six songs in total, there is no flashy, but as you listen to it, the rich soup juice will come out and it will bleed out, it is a good board without coming of tired. A really tasty work.”

Review by – Hiroyuki Mori

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